Bertram (Bertie) Gutierrez

Hello everyone and Happy Friday!

I’m sorry for not writing on Wednesday and yesterday, I had an exam on Wednesday and I was waiting for Bertie to arrive and he has! (As you can see from the photo above!)

So, I took some photos of him, with my horrible phone camera!

I will be taking more photos of him with my DSLR eventually, maybe next Wednesday…?

He is cute, dark brown haired, fair haired also! His skin is painted so carefully with so much detail and he is a very heavy and chunky little panda!

I can’t wait to introduce him to people!

Also, although we have him as a boy, due to our joint genderfluidity (both my partner and I are genderfluid!), Bertie may sometimes be dressed as a girl if we feel like it! He’s super cute either way!

Anyways, here he is!


Amara, Bertie, Castie and Jordan ♥