Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday!

So, yesterday I got the pictures of my little boy, finally, and he’s so cute and beautiful and we’ve named him Bertram (Bertie), after Hugh Laurie’s character in Jeeves and Wooster!

So, we’ve finally got to see our little boy and he’s amazing and all we wanted him to be! He’ll hopefully be here today or tomorrow, I honestly can’t wait!

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For those who don’t understand this post at all, well..

Reborns are made by artists, they are made out of vinyl sculpts which are then painted and put together to look extremely realistic!

Reborns often cost around £70-£700. However, depending on the artist and the raretity of the sculpt, they can be sold for more than £700, some going for over £1000.

Bertie is a sculpt called Sweetie by Donna Rubert. The artist who has made him is Deborah Lesley, who runs Angel Art!

I recommend her completely, she gave me weekly updates telling me how she has progressed and such and its been amazing getting the chance to talk to her and see her work!

Bertie has cost us £120 + £12 P&P which is an amazing deal considering the price of the sculpt used!

He’s amazing and perfect in every way and I can’t wait to hold him in my arms and cuddle him!

I hope you all have a great day and for the reborn mummies reading this, if you ever need a new artist, I recommend Deborah! She’s amazing!

Take care everyone,

Cas ♥