Over 50 years ago, homosexuality was illegal in most countries. In the UK, it was illegal to a point where people were arrested just for being homosexual. Because of this, campaigns happened to prevent such arrests and it was finally ‘legalised’ in 1967, to an extent, for two men to have a gay relationship, in private as long as both parties were consenting and over the age of 21 years old.

To make it legal for others, LGBT+ activists grouped together to make a difference in the world by working together.

Last year, however, this came tumbling down because some homosexual bigots decided that Homosexual was the only LGBT+ that was needed.

‘Lesbian and Gay are the only ones that are actually real.’

Now, this really annoys us, at LLLRanting, not only because its discrimination but because it affects members of our community, it affects members of our work force and most of all, it should never happen but, unfortunately, it does.

As someone who is in a situation like mine, I’ve given up telling people I’m Lesbian just because explaining why I’m with a person with a penis is too confusing for most people’s little brains – and I’m not just talking about the common Heterosexual – I’ve had many comments saying “how can you be a Lesbian when you’re dating a man?”

Well, because he’s not a man. Yes, he prefers the male pronoun and yes, he has a penis, but no, he’s not a man. Why? Because he’s Genderfluid and that means that his gender shifts from time to time, just like me.

So, why do I call myself a Lesbian? Because I tend to go for people with a vagina compared to people with penises. How do I say this in a comedic way…. I am a diner when it comes to Vagina.


So, why does it annoy me when people suggest that only L and G are ‘real’, well, there are two reasons:

  1. When campaigning for equal rights, the entire LGBT+ was involved – 43% of the LGBT+ is Bisexuals! So, how can Homosexuals suggest that they are more important? Technically, it’s Bisexuals that are the majority in the LGBT+, therefore if anyone’s sexuality should be more important, it should technically be Bisexuals! However, it wasn’t just Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals who voted for ‘Gay Marriage’! People under the Transgender Spectrum did exactly the same, they voted for Gay Marriage when, for the majority of them, it didn’t technically matter to most of them because they weren’t Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Pansexual!
  2. The second thing that really rattled me up was the fact that 50 years ago Gays and Lesbians were socially discriminated against due to their sexuality and now members of the LGBT+ are trying to do the same to other members! It’s amazing how quickly this generation has forgotten the heart ache, pain and deaths that previous members of the LGBT+ went through due to being discriminated against and now it’s happening all over again in our own backyard! Yes, Trans, Intersex and Queer aren’t sexualities – but how does that justify kicking them out of the LGBT+ when the LGBT+ was put together to support, help and unit all who were discriminated against due to their Identity! LGBT+ is not about sexuality or gender it is purely about unity in identity and to protect each other and to help each other become free!

The LGBT+ is about Love, Identity and Unity and if you don’t see that… You really need to go back and read through history before you foolishly repeat it.

To all of those who have understood, and to those who have faced discrimination by being told your sexuality or gender identity isn’t real, stay strong and message us if you need someone to talk to!

I hope you all have an amazing day!

Take care,

Castiel ♥