I’ve been asked on many occasions why I have a reborn.

“Why do you have a doll?”

“Don’t people who have suffered a miscarriage use them?”

“Why should you have one? You don’t need it.”

Well… the reasoning to why I have Amara is simple, she helps me cope with my depression and anxiety, she helps me express some emotions, like wanting to be a mother,newborn-1362148_1280 without actually having to have a real child. And I know, to some, that will sound stupid.. but with my mental and physical illnesses as well as not being able to have children for many reasons, I needed a way to let out my ‘motherly urges’; and, for me, having a reborn did that! When I get depressed, I have someone to talk to and cuddle, when I’m anxious I have someone to hold and calm me.

baby-165067_1280So, yes, I have a ‘doll’. Yes, they are used for people who have suffered a miscarriage but they are also used by people like myself who cannot have children. And yes, I do need her. I need Amara and I can’t wait to have my little boy so I can swap and need which ever I can use and feel like using without always having to go for the same child.
Yes, Amara isn’t real, neither is my little boy; but, to me, they’re still my children. They’re still my little babies and they’re apart of my family!

No matter what anyone thinks. I will celebrate boy-967141_1920Amara’s birthday! I will celebrate little man’s birthday and I will dress them and rock them to sleep just like you would with your child.

This may come as a shock to you, but some people, who want children, who also cant have them, need a way to express their emotions.

To everyone who has supported me in getting Amara and getting my little boy (who is being made and is yet to be named), the small few who ended up only being a couple of friends and my partner, Jordan (Daddy to little Amara and our little boy). Thank you for the support and encouragement!

I hope you all have a nice day and I hope this has helped some of you understand!

Take care,

Castiel ♥