Let me just show you all the stupidity of this:
3 of the breeds listed are used as nanny dogs.
The others tend to be really calm or just playful.

It amuses me when people say ‘these dogs have always been dangerous!’

Then why was Dalmations on the top of the ‘Dangerous Dog’ list around 20 years ago, but its not on there now? If breeds can’t change, then why wasn’t Staffies already on the Dangerous Dog act?

Want to know what the most dangerous dogs are according to the latest study and history of the recorded timeline of dogs?
1. Chihuahuas

2. Jack Russells

3. Dachshunds

4. Yorkshire Terriers

5. Westies


The least aggressive?
Basset Hounds,
Golden Retrievers,
Siberian Huskies
Japanese Akitas,
and Staffies (Staffordshire Bull Terriers)

All of the least aggressive dogs, that are being made out to be the most aggressive, are the breeds used for Disabled people, nanny dogs for children and therapy dogs! If they’re so dangerous, why are you giving them to ill people and children! That doesn’t make sense!

The only reason we hear more about the big dogs being dangerous is because their bites are bigger and need more medical attention, most of the time!

However, Chihuahuas are notorious for attacking children, especially babies and toddlers… without being provoked!

I will never encourage someone to leave a kid alone with a dog… but DO NOT trust your ‘adorable tiny fluff ball’.

Us small creatures tend to be the deadliest~


Have a nice day everyone,


Cas ♥