Yes! I am getting another Reborn!

For those who don’t know what a reborn is, its a realistic doll! I love them to pieces and I’ve had so much fun with Amara and she’s helped me so much!

So, we’re getting a little boy!

The artist I am using is Angel Art, I will link her Facebook page at the end of the article!


She’s amazing and helping me so much and she’s given me 5 sculpts to choose from and from those I’ve narrowed them down to the following beautiful babies:

This little guy isn’t extremely realistic, but he’s certainly adorable and cute!
And then there is this little boy! He’s adorable and so cute, and extremely realistic!

So, I don’t know which I’m choosing!

However, I will be having a little boy – I think he’ll have brown hair, he’s going to look more like me compared to Amara who looks a lot like Jordan!

I just can’t wait…

I’ll update you all on my decision, whether I choose to go with the less realistic boy or the extremely realistic boy!


Have a nice day everyone,



Angel Art
Click the image to go see Angel Art or follow the link below: https://www.facebook.com/Reborn-Babies-by-Angel-Art-831212613604161/