I have issues. Issues that cause problems and problems that tend to try and destroy my life.

I suffer with night terrors. These are influenced by insecurities.

My insecurities are:

  • Losing people I love
  • Someone entering my personal space
  • Being ignored


So, last night I had a night terror. This is something that repeats itself every now and again. This one, however, was worse than the others.


Its common, in long distance relationships, that one person in the relationship will leave to be with someone closer. This scares me, because I’m in a long distance relationship and I love him so much and I’m engaged to him. He’s spent two and a half months with me, in person.

So, the night terror was basically about me not being good enough and him finding someone closer to where he lives and someone who is better for him…


I think the worse thing about it was, was that I cried for hours and when I told him all he said was, ‘it’s not true’. He didn’t ask what happened, I just told him I had a dream about losing him…

And that’s the reply I got.

I understand it, but I guess it just wasn’t what I wanted nor needed… I needed something more… And since then I’ve been crying…


I hope you all have a better day than I’m having!

Take care,