In a world full of opinions and hate speech… some don’t seem to understand the difference.

Those who don’t understand are usually not from the UK. They’re usually from the US.

So, what is the difference between someone speaking their opinions and someone spouting hate speech?

Well, here are my definitions:

Opinion: when someone speaks their mind on specific topics.

Hate Speech: when someone speaks their mind about specific topics and uses their opinion and beliefs to devalue another human being and take away their Human and/or Civil Rights.


So, the ‘Anti-Transgender’ law that has been passed in both Alabama and North Carolina is Hate, because it takes away Trans peoples civil rights to use the bathroom of their gender.


Why am I talking about this? Well, there was a Christian Preacher in Scotland that was preaching homophobia and being rather hateful and one young gentleman shut the guy up by drowning the preachers voice out by playing the bagpipes.

A lot of people then accused the Hero of being wrong because the preacher has ‘a right to free speech’. Which is true! In the UK we believe in free speech, if you don’t like homosexuals, you can say ‘I don’t like Homosexuals’. However, you cannot say ‘Homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to marry’ or ‘Homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to exist’ or, my personal favourite because my Christian teacher at high school said this to me, ‘Homosexuals should be sent to a correction facility’. Are you fucking serious?

But it doesn’t just work in favour for Homosexuals. It works for everyone else, too!

Christianity (and any religion):

Opinion: ‘I don’t like Christianity’.

Hate Speech: ‘Christianity shouldn’t be allowed’.


Opinion: ‘I don’t like Transgender/Non-Binary people’.

Hate Speech: ‘Trans/Non-Binary people shouldn’t be allowed to live’.


So, I hope this has explained the difference between the two.

I hope you will take this and begin educating the world!