I enjoy playing video games, specifically PC.

Why? Because its awesome and there are a lot of choices!

So many choices that I can’t actually pick a Favourite… Yeah, I’m stuck with 5!


5. Sims 4: This is simply because I can make my own little family, build houses and just have an awesome time!

4. Zombie Army Trilogy: I enjoy killing fictional beings, can you blame me? Its better than killing real ones and I get to take out my frustration on life by using head shots! :’)

3. Papers Please: Because the story is amazing, there is a lot of different endings and I love it to pieces!

And tide in 2nd and 1st is To The Moon and Bioshock Infinite.


To The Moon is perfect, it has all the amazing music, the great story line and the amazing character-player bond that is built in the first 30 minutes of the game!

Bioshock Infinite, well, it has the music, the graphics, the storyline (but this is also a bad thing due to the crappy ending…) and the amazing characters such as Songbird and the Luteces’. Personally, I’d say the entire franchise would be my favourite along side To The Moon but it can’t be… Simply because Bioshock 1 and 2 have awful controls…


And there we have it! I love video games, I love a wide range, I play things like Slime Rancher but also play Call of Duty Black Ops 2… I can go from playing a Cutsie game to playing death…


Have a nice day everyone,


Cas ♥