I suffer from mental illness, as most of you will know. These mental illnesses cause me a lot of trouble when it comes to getting work done!

Recently, I have been suffering due to night terrors, stress and anxiety – luckily, my depression decided not to try and kill me, which is lucky because I don’t honestly think Stress, Anxiety, Night Terrors and Depression would be a good mix!

So, because of my night terrors, anxiety and stress I’ve had the biggest lack of motivation I’ve ever had! It’s been ridiculous!

However, last night changed. While doing the first task of Unit 9 in ICT I got some help with Unit 30 off of Jordan, my partner. And because of that and then sleeping pretty well, with only one night terror, I’ve had a boost in motivation!

Which has caused me to almost finish Unit 9! Its probably going to be finished by the end of the day and then I can spend the entire day on Unit 30 tomorrow! After that I then have a 5 day weekend! Friday is a holiday due to it being a taster day for Year 11’s at our college. Monday is May Day, which is a national holiday. And Tuesday is a gift day from college!

So, now, I’m waiting to go home! I will be getting the work done and finishing Unit 9, handing in the last piece of my Media coursework and planning some more work for my Photography!

I can’t wait and I’m so excited to get the work done and improve!


I hope you all have as much luck with motivation and inspiration today!

Take care,

Cas ♥