A lot of people have service and therapy dogs.

Service dogs are often used when someone is disabled, has a disorder, is deaf or blind.

Therapy dogs are used to help someone with a mental illness, usually.

Because of people needing these dogs, they’re allowed in cafes, supermarkets, hospitals and anywhere their owner goes.

So, why am I writing this? Well, my parents went to a cafe in a supermarket yesterday only to find a rather irritating woman. Said woman was in her 70’s and was acting like a buffoon. How? Well, she was staring at every person that came into the cafe and what really annoyed my parents was what happened next:

  • She stood up and yelled at a member of staff because a woman had entered the cafe with a service dog, this specific one for a deaf lady. Which is ridiculous, disrespectful and awful!
  • Later she also asked a bald lady where her wig was and whether she was bald by choice…. WHAT? So, woman aren’t allowed to be bald? Even if they’re ill? Well, congratu-fucking-lations! People go bald for several reasons: genetics, cancer, alopecia, thyroid disorder and lichen planus.

So, if you ever see a service animal, just be respectful and if you see someone who is bald or on crutches or in a wheel chair, just leave them alone and respect their privacy.


Take care,

Cas ♥