I have a few things that really annoy me about people, I don’t know if its just me or others but this is what really pisses me off:

  • ‘Non-Binary is fucking bullshit’: This has been said quite a few times by many members of the LGBT+ and its starting to piss me off. Why? Because straight people said exactly the same thing in about Gay people…. But the thing is, one of the excuses they gave me is ‘people should just pick a side!’ Yeah.. ‘People should just pick a gender!’ Another thing that was said to Bisexuals… “You’re just greedy!” FUCK OFF!
  • Walking Slowly: I’m not skinny. I’m quite fat and this is due to illness not overeating… but even though I’m fat, I walk very fast! So, when I’m walking behind people, who are thinner than me, whether they be toned or just skinny, I must admit, its a tad annoy…
  • When people spray body spray in your face: If you’re walking in front of me, or stood in front of me, DO NOT spray your perfume in my face… I have issues which can be triggered by not being able to breath… THANK YOU TO YOUR BLOODY SPRAY!
  • You don’t look ill: Unless all my organs are visible in the picture and you’re a certified doctor, don’t assume I’m not ill because I’m smiling.
  • I hope Donald Trump doesn’t win: Are you legal to vote? ‘Yes’. Who are you going to vote for? ‘No one’. Then why moan about it? ‘I don’t want a racist running my country!’ THEN VOTE FOR SOMEONE TO STOP HIM WINNING!!!!!

As you can see… I get really annoyed at some people…


Anyways, I hope you all have a nice day.

What are your annoyances??? Comment below! 🙂


Take care,

Cas ♥