stretching-1289371For some people, an operation is needed in order to get back in the game and start losing weight, getting healthier, etc.

However, the NHS is starting to Deny or Delay common operations until people lose weight or stop smoking… These operations are things like Knee and Hip replacements which are needed in order to lose weight….

So, why are they doing this? Because the NHS wants to cut costs… By causing people to go to more doctors and hospital appointments due to being denied the operation that they need…. I’m pretty certain it would cost more to have 100+ appointments than have an operation and aftercare.

What do you think about this?

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Sorry for not writing much today, I am currently going through one of the worse pains I have ever had to cope with, and that’s a lot considering I’ve been through multiple dislocations. So, yeah, mind me. If I don’t upload, just assume that I’m dying or dead.

Have a great weekend.