British Flag Fact: It is not the same as the Union Jack, the Union Jack is only flown at sea.
  1. Head Over Tit: This one means to ‘Fall over’.
  2. Last Shake of the Bag: This means ‘Last Child’…. Last shake of the bollocks which is basically what it means….
  3. Wanker: Someone who masturbates, it can also be used as an insult toward someone who is disliked by the speaker.
  4. Jammy: Lucky.
  5. Jammy Bastard: Someone who has had a lot of luck. You can call someone a ‘Jammy Bastard’ if they win the lottery.
  6. Piggy Wagon: This means Police Van.
  7. Panda: This is an old fashioned saying for Police car, not used as much today as it used to due to the cars not being black and white anymore.
  8. Twat: These means to hit something hard, “give it a twat.” However, it is also slang for Vagina and is often used as an offensive word.
  9. Scouser: Someone from Liverpool.
  10. Rumpy Bumpy: This is a sexual innuendo, popularized by the Gods of Black Adder.
  11. Queer Street: A Difficult or odd situation (This is because the original meaning for Queer is strange/abnormal before it became another word for Gay.)
  12. Ring: This means Call. “Give us a Ring, Barry!” (I don’t know why I picked the name Barry… I have never met an British Barry)
  13. Pissed: Drunk.
  14. Nob: Mainly means someone who is ‘Posh’, a lot of people describe David Cameron as a Nob, because he’s a dickhead and posh.
  15. Nookie: Sexy time.
  16. Moggy: Cat.
  17. Kip: Take a Nap
  18. Jack the Lad: A young man who is often showing off. It can also mean that he sleeps around a lot.
  19. Jacksy: Butt.
  20. Ivories: Teeth or Piano Keys, same thing 😉
  21. Gob: Mouth. “Shut your Gob, Barry!”
  22. Gaffer: Boss, Manager or Employer.
  23. Crackers: Insane. “Barry’s Crackers!”
  24. Apples and Pears: This means stairs, its a Cockney rhyme, “Apples and Pears go up the stairs”. “I’m going up the Apples and Pears.”
  25. Porkie Pies: Another Cockney rhyme meaning Lies.

And that is the common slang that I hear quite often, there are a lot of others but not all as… Normal sounding and certainly not as pleasant. I’ve mentioned some nasty ones but they’re far from the worst!

And there we have it!

Take care everyone,

Cas ♥