I’ve had people ask me why I label myself…. Well, I label myself because the world is full of moronic bigots who won’t let me be myself!

In an ideal world, we won’t have to tell people our gender or sexuality or our religions and we won’t have to confess our mental illnesses. But, for now, we have to – why? Because of education.

I am a Queer, Gaelic/Celtic Pagan who suffers with Depression, Anxiety and minor OCD. Now, let me explain what this means to me.

My Queerness is in both Sexuality and Gender Identity. I am Demisexual, I must have an emotional (romantic) bond to have a sexual attraction. And that’s what happened, I met my partner (who I thought was a Woman and turned out to be an Androgynous Man) and I fell in love for the first time.

Image of Justin Hubbell from DeviantArt. They’re Genderqueer and Pansexual and they’re beautiful in every way! Make sure to go give them some love: http://justinhubbell.deviantart.com/

I’m Celtic Pagan, which has also been called Gaelic/Celtic Pagan due to the similarities between the two. I love my religion, just as any religious person would! Its just a little annoying that the only religions you learn about in ‘Religious Studies’ is Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism and Islam… There are a lot more out there!

I’ve suffered with Depression and Anxiety since the age of 7. It is a chemical imbalance in the brain, it is probably genetic due to my entire family having some sort of mental health issue. I also suffer from minor OCD, this courses me to do certain things a certain way and can cause people to hate me pretty quickly! I tend to like symmetry a little too much. I also have to turn the light off and on and off again before leaving my bathroom at home… If I can’t do it, I will get extremely weird and start rocking back and forth when I get sat down… I don’t understand why I do this but its pretty weird! I also have this thing about using wipes instead of toilet paper…. I also hate strawberries touching my lips which means I need to eat them completely hole and just shove them in. I don’t know why… I’m just a strange person!

So, why do we need labels? Well, without labels we don’t get to educate people, we don’t get to explain and without explaining and people knowing about it, it tends to make more ignorance in the world!

With more ignorance there is more inequality and bigotry and we need to educate people because if we don’t, we’re not going to get to the ideal world where we can just be without having to justify our actions!


I hope this has cleared up some stuff!

Take care,

Cas ♥