Marriage has been around longer than most countries. And by that I mean, the United States hadn’t been named, Britain hadn’t been named. Most places in the world hadn’t been named!

So, why is marriage seen as a religious ceremony? Personally, I have no clue! Every religion has its own ceremony, the oldest being the Pagan ceremonies, which are all different and vary due to the differences between the different Paganisms.

Another question that we should be asking it, why do people marry for anything other than love?

We all know that Money doesn’t tend to make you completely happy, if it does and you don’t need love then you may as well be a sociopath.

So, last night I did a survey, it has a variety of views and opinions from different genders.

I found that men look for Looks and Money in a woman but mutual love is a bonus… However, two out of the 10 men did want mutual love to conquer all.

I found that Genderfluid people are fine with just mutual love, humour, intelligence and being accepted.

I found that women go for mutual love, intelligence, humour, respect and looks being a bonus.

So, I think its clear to say, the majority wants to be loved, not just made rich and being married to someone they don’t know and/or possibly hate!

The reason I have done this survey and I’m talking about this is because a guy asked why I was marrying Jordan. I gave the reason of, we love each other, we make each other happy and we make each other better.

This guy then said, “There is no point marrying for love, you may as well get something out of it first and learn to love someone…”

This p*ssed me off as you can imagine because I’m not materialist, I give zero f*cks about peoples appearance.

As someone who has helped people who were in arranged marriages, I know that money and looks don’t matter in a marriage. If you marry someone for money, don’t expect to fall in love with them – believe it or not we’re not living in a fictional romance novel where you get married to someone you don’t know and fall in love with them. That doesn’t happen!

People who don’t care for each other , when spending too much time together, they tend to start resenting each other. Which would suggest that the marriage will probably end in divorce.

So, my advice to you all: Marry someone you love. Don’t marry for riches or looks, its not worth it! Don’t waste your life running after someone who doesn’t want you.

Take care,

Cas ♥