Hey everyone!

As you can see we have been doing some changes to the site! So, what’s been happening is a remodel of how the website works so it looks cleaner and better!

So, here are some questions that have already been asked about the new site:

  1. How do we see Lets Talk, Cas posts? Go to Our Blog, you can click on that or click on Cassy Time, both will come up with my work.
  2. How do we contact a specific author? Go onto Contact Us and fill in the Contact Form and select which authors you would like to talk with! If you have no preference you can just send it without a selecting any!
  3. Where can I find your Twitter feed on the new site? Scroll down to the very bottom of the page! Our Twitter is on the bottom, right Footer!

I hope this has answered any questions you had!

If not, feel free to email, comment or message me!

Take care,

Castiel ♥