Warning: Rant Alert! I will be talking about stupidity and how Racism, Religion and Abortion all flow… Its a lot of content to take in and a lot of f*cked up stuff within! So, warning, if you don’t want to hear about the Racism, the KKK, the ‘Christians’ in Christianity that aren’t true Christians and the reasoning of Abortion, click away now and wait until tomorrow! Take care ♥


We all see racism happen at some point in life.

I’ve witnessed it happen to friends and family members.

I’ve seen people shout at others in the street just because of their skin colour…

I hate Racism, just like the rest of us at LLLRanting do. We try our best to stop it from happening but we still see it a lot of there are groups of people on social media who actually believe ‘Reverse Racism’ is a thing…

Reverse Racism basically means ‘Racism toward the Dominant race’. For example in England, it would mean racism towards white people due to the country being white (somehow).

Personally… I think this is B*llshit. I think it’s BS for the reason of I have never seen, heard or witness Reversed Racism.

I think the most racist thing that has been said to me, because I am white, was when a friend called me the White Witch (Snow Queen), which was a joke due to myself being ill and going paler than usual!

But, people just don’t seem to understand that White people are some of the most racist. I have seen more White people being racist to Africa, Native America, Asian, Latino and South American people than I have seen another race be racist to a white person!

And the f*cked up thing is, people are suggesting everyone else BUT White people are racist!

Now, I would just like to point this out: Which race has a hate, racist group that have been known to torture, injure and kill members of other races?

White. White people have the KKK, they’re a Christian group who seem to still be living in the dark ages where ‘Black’ slavery is still allowed… They’re not just Racists, they’re Homophobic, they’re Anti-AnyOtherReligionButTheirF*ckingOwn.

A lot of people, when the Paris Attacks happened last year, who decided to stand with the KKK and make ‘Holy’ Guns… Holy Guns? Its don’t make it holy by putting a line from the Bible on it!

And why are these people doing this? Because they want to ‘stop a terrorist group who are hijacking a religion to kill people’. But how are they doing this? By hijacking a religion… to kill people!

Yes, we do need to do something about ISIS because they’re killing anyone who opposes them including Muslims – which just proves that they’re not all the f*cking same like Britain First suggests.

But why do exactly the same as ISIS… haven’t we learnt from the past?

And another thing that really annoys me about Guns and some really Not-So-Christian-Christians, when the Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic was under fire by an old, gun crazy ‘Pro-Life’ activist, people went on twitter and congratulated the F*cker! (I just want to put this here, I do not believe all Pro-Life activists are Christian or supportive of this moron, but there were a lot of them! I’m fine with people being Pro-Life or Christian or anything else they want or feel they need to be – that doesn’t bother me! But when you take away a Civil, Human right away from someone for something like this, it sort of makes me questions life….)

Here are two that really rattled me up and p*ssed me off:

Really? She deserved it? How? She made a decision on her circumstances and whether or not she could raise a child!
How is this the ‘Bright-side’. These women may now have to give birth to children that would have been better off not coming into the shitty world we currently live in!

Here are some questions that people don’t seem to want to answer:

1.Why do women have an Abortion?

Usually because they’re either too young, too scared or were raped! But the thing is, if a woman goes through with the pregnancy and then hands their baby over to authorities so they are put into care, the mother then gets slaughtered! “Why have a baby only to put it into care?” BECAUSE YOU WOULDN’T ALLOW HER TO HAVE A F*CKING ABORTION AND SHE CAN’T KEEP IT/OR DOESN’T WANT TO KEEP IT BECAUSE SHE WAS F*CKING RAPED!

2.Why is someone who claims to be ‘Pro-Life’ KILLING PEOPLE?!

Probably because he’s a buffoon and doesn’t understand what it means to be Pro-Life.

3.Under what circumstances to you (Myself, Castiel) believe that Abortion is wrong?

If you’re constantly having unprotected sex for with different people and you’re taking no responsibility of your actions – this is when its wrong because people like this will have more than 1 abortion on their record! If you look at someones record and they have 2+ abortions that when its wrong! If you’re underage and you have one abortion because you did something silly, made a mistake or got raped, this is understandable! Some people have to have abortions for medical reasons, not everyone can carry safely or at all! But if you’re having sex for fun, and not being safe, and not taking any responsibilities for your actions – that is when you’re doing something wrong! That’s when you shouldn’t be having an abortion! There are people across the world who cannot have children! If you don’t want the child, find them a family, let them adopt them!

So, lets just recap:

  • White people have a Racist Hate group. Other Races don’t.
  • Reverse Racism doesn’t happen enough to be real.
  • Britain First is a group of Racists and are often Christian, which really f*cks up the Christian image – I like the nice Christians better!
  • Abortion should be allowed if its a one off occasion, an under-aged girl or a rape victim. It should also be allowed to those who are unable to carry safely due to medical conditions or issues which could lead to the mother and the child being extremely ill or even dead.
  • If you’re pro-life, DON’T SHOOT PEOPLE! Abortion is done when the child is in its early stages, meaning it doesn’t have consciousness! Killing a human who has is married, possibly already has children – they have a life, they have the human right to live due to them being born and starting their life!
  • If you’ve had more than one abortion because ‘I got pregnant and didn’t want the baby’, you have f*cking issues! Don’t abuse the system because you don’t want to take responsibility!


And that’s all I have to say, I know I went on a tangent, but I had to – someone had to say it and it has really p*ssed me off over the past couple of months and I just had to say something…

I hope you’re all doing well today and I am completely open to your opinions on the subjects, just pop me a comment below~

Take care and have a nice day everyone!


Cas ♥