Whether you’re working or studying, there are always deadlines. I am currently facing many!

I have 10 pieces of work for Unit 30 in ICT.

I have 6 pieces of work in Unit 9 in ICT.

I have a book of coursework of Photography and an Exam book for Photography.

I also have a Website, Essay and Evaluation to write for Media Studies.


My Deadlines?

ICT: 15th May 2016

Photography: 16th May 2016

Media Studies: 15th April 2016


Do you want to know how much of it I have done?


I still have the evaluation to write for Media.

I’m on the first tasks for both units in ICT.

I have barely started on my Photography Exam book!


Want to know how screwed I am?


Want to know why I’m so behind?

Lack of Mental Health Help.


I got refereed to a counselling organization two months ago only for them to tell me at the beginning of this month that they can’t help me. My college counselor is working alone, which is ridiculous considering how many people use her services! There should be more than one!

And then every other type of mental health services I have contacted have a minimum wait list of 6 months… Some have even had to turn people away due to the waiting list capacity being at its fullest.


Well done, Britain, you’ll spend £3.6 million on a Funeral for someone who helped destroy our economy but you won’t help the people who need help….

The mental health services within the NHS are some of the worst I’ve ever seen. I wish I could afford to go private again…