On average, there are 1 in 4 people that will identify as a different sexuality than Heterosexual. Which means a quarter of our population in Britain is either Homosexual, Bisexual, Pansexual or Asexual!

For those who don’t know what those things mean (this is mainly for our new readers and visitors):

Heterosexual: When a person finds the opposite sex attractive.

Homosexual: When a person finds the same sex attractive.

Bisexual: When a person finds two genders/sexes attractive (This can be Male and Female, Female and Genderfluid, Male and Transgender…)

Pansexual: When the person finds all genders and sexes attractive.

Asexual: When you have no sexual attraction to anyone.


Anyway – so, recently a poll has been done. And it suggest that 50% of British Muslims believe that Homosexuality should be Illegal. It also suggests that 47% of those believe that Teachers should not be Gay.

Now, before you say “Muslims are awful!” Please, let me finish.

Not all Muslims are the same as you can see from the poll, half believe it should be legal! This poll can be done with Christians, Catholics and Jewish people and it will probably come back the same – why? Because almost every religion teachs that Homosexuality is wrong, which is why so many children are disowned by their Christian or Catholic parents. But, the thing is, disowning a child is a bigger sin than being Homosexual!

If you study the Bible you’ll find that there is no real consequence for homosexuality! So, for all you Homophobes claiming the Bible states that we’re going to hell.. well, that is not the case! However, if you divorce, cheat, steal, discriminate, hate and disown your child, well… you’re going to hell already!

So, before you go hating on Muslims because the media presented it as “More than half of British Muslims believe Homosexuality should be Illegal”, ignore it! Because the fight for LGBT+ is not over yet but there are more than just a portion of Muslims who believe we’re wrong. After all, there are a lot of Atheist that think we cause Autism…

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is – treat them with Kindness. Don’t discriminate them because some of them have discriminated against us. The moral of the story, treat them how you want to be treated and see what happens!


Take care everyone,

Castiel ♥



If there is a Muslim, Christian, Catholic or Jewish person reading this, what do you think about the LGBT+? Think it should be illegal or think it should be legal?

Freedom or No Freedom? Comment below! ♥