As most of you will know – I am Pagan (Specifically Gaelic/Celtic).

As a Pagan, I believe in Religious freedom as long as they do not take away someones Civil/Human rights or try to force their religion on me! Which, I believe, is pretty normal – this should be the standard that we all have, even if you’re Atheist or Agnostic.

So, when I was on Penpals, to have someone attempt to tell me that my religion is wrong… It sort of annoyed me!

I’m not one to get angry or get pissed at people for being so ignorant, and I promise you that this one guy did not taint my view of the Islamic religion! I’m not like that, I know when some people are just being morons. I have friends who are of the Islamic faith who are perfectly fine with me being Pagan, they don’t really care! Its the same with Christians and Catholics, I’ve met people that don’t like the fact that I’m Pagan and they try to convert me but I do know nice Christians and Catholics, don’t worry!

Anyways, so this guy wanted to know how I worship and why I do… I explained, very nicely! Only for this to happen:

The link takes you to a video titled: “Islam – The True Religion of God”
Why should I have to prove my religion to someone who believes something different to me? That would be ignorant and very cruel of me to do so.


By the way, Bel is the God of Water, Fire and Purification! It’s just a nice gesture 🙂

What happened next? He started getting aggressive so I blocked him 🙂

This is one of the reasons I want to delete my InterPals account but at the same time I sort of enjoy talking to some of the people…

If any of you are on – feel free to message me!

Have a nice day,

Castiel ♥