A lot of us will suffer from one mental illness at some point in life.

Some of us will go through Loss leading to a Natural Depression which may lead you to needing bereavement counseling.

Some of us will go through the Chemical Imbalance of Depression, an illness that is like a disease – stopping you from doing normal, day-to-day activities. This imbalance can be treated with medication, counseling or may need the patient to be placed into a specialized hospital ward to be monitored.

Some, with mental illness such as Depression, Dissociated Identity Disorder, Bipolar, Anxiety, Schizophrenia and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are more common in people who are ‘creative’. However, I believe this isn’t true. I believe that people with mental illness are more likely to be creative, not creative people being more likely to be mentally unstable. This is because being creative is a coping mechanism.

For me, my coping mechanism has been writing since the age of 9, but before then I used to draw. In times where my mental state was too unstable for myself to be creative, I turned to self harm. However, I can show you some very important examples of mentally ill people being creative!

Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch painter from the late 1800s. He was believed to suffer from Bipolar and he eventually committed suicide at the age of 37 after cutting off his ear. Although he never got to sell any of his own paintings, he was interested in art from a young age.
Virginia Woolf
Virginia Woolf was a writer from the late 1800’s to mid 1900’s. She suffered from Depression from a young age, which lead to her suicide in 1941, leaving her husband behind.
Stephen Fry is a Comedian, Actor, Writer, Presenter and Activist. He has been suffering with Bipolar disorder which was made public in 2006. He did a follow up to the TV Show “Stephen Fry: The Life of a Manic Depressant” in early 2016, “The Not So Secret Life of a Manic Depressant: 10 Years On”. He is well known for his comedic values on the TV show, QI and QI XL featuring Alan Davis, as well as the second part of the Comedy Duo Fry and Laurie.

There’s are just a three but I can promise you there are many more including Robin Williams, Tim Burton, Charlotte Perkins Gilman and JK Rowling.

These Creative Geniuses are creative in a coping mechanism – some will use it to hide their true feelings while other will use it to show their true feelings.

Do not confuse mental illness with common emotions.

Mental Illnesses are always there, either dormant or active.

Most Creators have suffered with their mental illness’ before becoming a creator.


Take care,

Cas ♥