Suicide – it is seen as a thing of beauty but really, its one of the saddest events that could happen in ones life. Having a family member or friend commit suicide, it rips a part of you out, destroying the little bit of hope you have left for things to get better.


I’m 18 now, I have had many friends commit suicide over the years, the first when I was 9. The second when I was 10, and one for each year up until the age of 16 when there was two and then… I was out of friends.

I tried to help them, I suppose they didn’t want to lay all of their problems on someone as young as me, my friends are usually older than me, to be fair.

But why is suicide seen as both Beautiful and Cowardly?

Suicide isn’t Beautiful. Its horrific and saddening and can tear you apart on the inside to lose a loved one due to it. Suicide happens when the victim feels as if there is no other way… So, why would we suggest its Beautiful? Because we get to see the destruction of a Human?

Over the years, I have heard people say that we enjoy watching destruction… and it would make sense for people to enjoy watching because it happens every day. Another child gets bullied, another adult gets beaten up, another person murdered for the pleasure of the human race.

Suicide isn’t Cowardly. Its brave and upsetting. To kill a person, and end their life, we have no true consequence in the United Kingdom. The worse thing we get is Prison. But to commit suicide, you’d lose everything – you’d miss out on your friends getting married, your children growing up and miss out on how Life could get better… to commit suicide, you have to have the courage and bravery to go through the pain of cutting you wrists deep enough to bleed out, strangle yourself without struggle while hanging yourself, jumping off a cliff only to die slowly at the bottom… As you read this, a person has chosen to commit suicide while another is attempting and another is succeeding.

The government in the UK have said that the NHS has a good system for people suffering with mental health… that system being, “we’ll put you on a waiting list and if you die before we get to you, we can tend to someone else…”

Suicide is frowned upon for all the wrong reasons! “It’s cowardly,” “It’s pathetic,” do you want to know what is pathetic and cowardly? Making someone feel the need to commit suicide by telling them they’re worthless, useless, pointless… telling them they’re too fat or ugly or too skinny…

Telling someone that their depression isn’t valid because “people have it worse off.”

Telling someone to “buck up” because their Anxiety is getting the better of them.

Telling people to “be normal”. Telling someone they shouldn’t wear their religion’s clothing or jewelry. Telling someone they shouldn’t have a specific hair colour. Telling someone that they shouldn’t be ill. Telling someone that being disabled is their fault when its not. Telling someone that their facial features make them look like a monster. Telling someone with a genetic disorder that they look like a performer from a freak show. Telling someone they shouldn’t date a specific person due to the colour of their skin or their religion. Telling a woman that she’s a slut because she likes sex. Telling someone that they’re not a Man/Woman even through they’ve had the sex change. Telling someone that their gender isn’t real or telling a Lesbian or Gay man that you can convert them.

These are all things that people SHOULD NOT say. These comments can ruin people. If you find the right person, with a low self-esteem, lack of confidence and the possibility of at least one mental illness, you could cause a suicide.

Now, I don’t care who you are, whether you think what you’re saying is right, whether its just “your opinion”. There is a difference between opinion and hate.

Hate is when you bully a “fat” person into becoming Anorexic or Bulimic.

Hate is when you deliberately call someone by their fake name after they’ve changed it to suit their real gender.

Hate is telling someone they’re not worth the air they’re breathing.

Hate is telling someone that they shouldn’t love the same sex because its a sin.

Hate is telling someone they’re not human because they have a different colour skin to your own.


An Opinion is about a certain book, place, film, TV, song and food.

You cannot truly have an opinion on a person, you can only know facts.


Suicide is not beautiful or cowardly.

Hate is not okay.

But what is cowardly is making someone kill themselves to make you feel better about yourself.

Good luck~