Hello Everyone!

As most of you will know, we’re currently attempting to restyle our magazines and our website.

As we have always done, we are wanting your input!

Last year, we began Butterfly Pride and Quick Fix on a similar template so that it was easier for you all to navigate and easier for us to put it together. Now, while restyling because we think that the current styles are bland as all hell – and too be honest, I feel quite ashamed that I allowed this template to see the light of day…


So, while trying to redesign – we have come up with the following ideas – yes, there are only two but with your input we may be able to add something new and make it even better.


Idea One: Make the magazines completely Black and White – this will allow photos and accents to stand out from the black background! Here is a mock of the cover – (It looks pretty awful, it took me 2 minutes to through together but this is sort of what it would look like with the colour scheme).

qUICK fIX (7)

Idea Two: Have a white background with a rainbow Polygon design at the top of each page. (Here is the cover for this one, also not too good but it was harder to make due to the Polygon design!)

Quick Fix (8)

Please tell us in the comments below, in the contact form or message us on Facebook to tell us what you think and what you would like to see!

Thanks for reading,

Cas ♥