Hey Everyone,

So…. As you’re looking at this you’re probably noticing a rather distinct change to the website… Well… I changed it!

As we’re restyling the magazines, I thought why not try out some new things with the website as well so that they evolve together!

As to the reason why there is a lot of British Flag/USA Flag colours… I have no idea why, I just thought it looked pretty!


So, if you like it or dislike it or have a suggestion of what we should do to it next, please comment below or email lllranting@gmail.com with your suggestions!

Also, just to put it out there… I was going to make the background a giant donut with ‘Donut Worry; Be Happy’ underneath it… Unfortunately it just got drenched by writing XD


Anyways, hope to hear from your all soon!


Cas ♥