Hello Everyone!

Some great news is here for you, LLLRanting.com will survive for another year!

We almost lost the website due to my own money troubles and the fact we don’t have funding~

However, we have a little someone to thank! Jordan, my fiancé, saved the organization by paying a hefty $99 so that we can continue to progress and help all of those who need us.

This means that we can continue to produce the magazines and content you love, while not having to worry about us losing the website!

Next year, hopefully, I’ll be able to pay for it again myself. But I really do owe Jordan everything at this point, I have worked to hard to establish the team we have and the community we have become and for him saving all of this, I would like to say a big thank you to him!


So, even though I’m not currently writing any articles – I hope you all have a happy day and a great weekend!

Take care,


Castiel Gutierrez ♥