Hello everyone and welcome back to Lets Talk, Cas!

I don’t completely celebrate Valentine’s Day, I’ll get a small gift for my partner but nothing too special. Although, I have been known to buy extremely expensive cards in the past…

So, what do I like to do on Valentine’s Day? I tend to either go to the cinema or watch a movie with my loved one ♥

Due to this, I am going to do a top 5 films that are amazing to watch on Valentine’s Day! And here they are:

1. The Danish Girl (Drama/Romance): Unfortunately this hasn’t come out on DVD yet, probably because some cinema’s are still showing it! If it’s still in a cinema near you this Valentine’s Day, please go see it! It’s amazing, although it is fairly upsetting and the topics within the film is rather…. Controversial to some people…? It is definitely a film someone should watch if they want to learn about Transgenderism and definitely a film to watch with someone you love, this film can get really depressing at the end and watching it alone is definitely NOT advised.

2. Blended (Romance/Comedy): This is an awesome movie starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore – Warning: It is not the only Adam and Drew Film I will be recommending, these guys are pretty amazing!

3. The Wedding Singer (Romance): This is another one of those films that will hit you right in the feels but in the end, it’s rather heartwarming – this seems to be how a lot of Adam Sandler’s work happens!

4. The Theory of Everything (Drama): Another masterpiece from Eddie Redmayne! It is slightly upsetting but its perfect from the beginning all the way through to the end!

5. Galaxy Quest (Comedy/Sci-Fi): For those who enjoy comedies, here is an Alan Rickman masterpiece…. It’s like a parody of Star Trek and, trust me, Alan Rickman was the Queen of Sass in this!


If any of you have watched or end up watching them, please tell me what you think to these! I’d like to hear your opinions!


Have a great day!


Castiel Gutierrez