Hello Everyone and welcome back to Lets Talk, Cas!

I am a college student, I wish I wasn’t – I wish I was working and getting money or I wish I was in University but I haven’t quite aged as quickly as we used to back in the days of high school…

So, being a college student, I work a lot in order to get signed off of subjects so that I can just finish college in April or May.

Well, let’s just have a look about what I have left to do in ICT:

Unit 1 – I have half of it done, I just have to get the other half done in the next two weeks so I can focus on doing Unit 30 in the following lessons.

Unit 40 – I have one piece left to do, not bad for someone who started the subject two weeks late at the beginning of the year.

Unit 30 – We have just started this as a class, if I start to motor through it, like I should be able to as it is a lot about graphics and stuffs, I should round about get my class finished within a month or two and then I can just wait until April to get signed off.


And that’s all I have left to do other than my two other subjects that I have, which is Media Studies and Photography.

Though, if I take ICT off of my timetable and I still have lessons for my other two subjects, I’ll be having one lesson a day every day apart from Wednesday – I won’t be having a lesson at all. And Thursday, I’d have two lessons quite close to each other though and not early in the morning so I can sleep a little more XD


I’m sort of looking forward to this now 😉

Have a great day everyone!


Castiel Gutierrez