Hello everyone and welcome back to Lets Talk, Cas!

I suffer with a learning disorder called Dyslexia, for those who are new to Live Love Laugh Ranting. To those who have been here a while, you’ll know about this as I have addressed the disorder on many occasions.

Yesterday, I was on Wattpad – this is because I’ve continued using it after my thoughts to leaving, which I regret. Why? Because of yesterday.

Anyway, on Wattpad you can make a reading list, this is the easiest way to remember which books you were reading. However, on my account I have no books in my reading list. Someone asked why and I replied: “because I can’t read very well,” which is true. I don’t have enough time in the day to read other people’s books when I need to get homework and this sort of thing done as well as write for Wattpad.

Well…. Here’s the conversation:

Person: Why don’t you have any books in your reading list?

Me: Because I can’t read very well so I don’t add books to my list.

Person: You can’t read?! How old are you, 3?

Me: I’m actually just 18 and Dyslexic.

Person: So you’re retarded! Haha loser!

Me: At least I can write a decent book….


This person was someone I went to high school with, no names will be released, I’m not that sort of person. However, I will say this. Their books, in general, only have around 2,000 reads, if she’s lucky! And I’m not talking about 2,000 per book, I’m talking 2,000 over 6 books! Me on the other hand…. I have 62,000+ on one book…

I’m not trying to say that she should give up because once upon a time, I was in the same predicament. What I’m trying to say is, people who suffer with Dyslexia aren’t retarded or stupid, they can achieve anything when they put their minds to it!


And that is the lesson learnt today!

If you want to read any of my books, feel free to browse them at MrsCastielGutierrez on Wattpad.

Talk soon everyone,


Castiel Gutierrez ♥