Hello everyone and welcome back to Lets Talk, Cas!
As most of you will know, I am in a long term relationship and I am engaged, I love my partner dearly and he’s the most important person in the world to me… So, why is that people insist on flirting and… well, just being an overall moron to me?
Yesterday, I got the following message:

Hi, I’ve had your username for a while, are you on any dating websites?

No, I’m not and never have been. I’m in a relationship.

Oh, right! Okay! Are you single?

I am in a relationship, I don’t know you, bye~

I blocked the girl.

It just amuses me how stupid and annoying humans are….

And that’s all I can say today.
I hope to be back on form soon!
Take care,
Castiel Gutierrez