Hello everyone and welcome back to Lets Talk, Cas!

Yesterday something creepy happened in my village, where I live. A girl from a local high school called the police because she was “attacked” by a black man who had green eyes…

This was creepy because the girl is only 11 and nothing like this usually happens in the village, if anything happens its usually drug related… but this girl claimed to have been attacked! So, as the police should, they cornered off the area that she had identified as the crime scene and a lot of residents were pretty livid….

“Are our children safe?”

“The police should tell us what’s happening!”


Actually, No, they shouldn’t tell you what’s happening and Yes, your children are safe because this was a hoax….

This 11 year old had made up that she was attacked. Why? We don’t know and honestly I don’t think I want to know….

So, it was put on Facebook, the area was cleared of police and then the debate began between Facebook users in the area.

Should or shouldn’t this girl be prosecuted…

Personally, I think she should. Yes, she is only 11 years old but I have seem younger get prosecuted for stuff too. You can’t have the argument to whether the kid knew right or wrong because the 10 year old’s who killed James Bulger (who was 2 years old), knew right and wrong… So, she should be prosecuted!

For those who don’t know what the James Bulger murder is, two 10 year old’s killed a 2 year old, James, they tortured him, put batteries in him and, once he was dead, they through him onto a train track with blue paint on him where he was burnt due to the electrified tracks and shredded to pieces thanks to the train(s) going over him. (Click HERE to read the murder case, Warning: Its pretty disgusting, depressing and awful…)


So, if you think people of 7 years and older don’t know the difference between right and wrong, even when I have seen 7 year old’s steal cars, 10 year old’s kill people and lots more… This 11 year old will get off lightly even if prosecuted.


If she doesn’t get prosecuted, it would be for wasting police time, she should get punished by her school at least… They got put on red alert because they thought there was a paedophile in the area for god’s sake….



Now, we will have to wait and see.

I hope you’re all having a great day!


Castiel Gutierrez