Hello Everyone and welcome back to Lets Talk, Cas!

I’ve been thinking about Quick Fix for a while now, thinking about finding someone who can format it for me due to my school schedule getting tighter and tighter due to revision and such… and I can’t find anyone.


So, instead of going to the final resort, like I thought I’d have to, which would mean cancelling or shelving Quick Fix… I am changing the day it comes out. This may benefit both myself and our readers, or yourself, because, if you’re in education, you will feel the same pain as myself of not having enough time… So, from the beginning of this year, Quick Fix will now be on Saturdays! That means that you get a little more me during the week, meaning you get more content and it also means I have a whole night and morning to format the magazine after school has ended for the weekend!


I’m sorry for the really sudden change but it needed to be done and this week is the first week back after Christmas and New year.

Better to start it at the beginning of the year, rather than the middle or the end.


Anyways, have a great day everyone,


Castiel Gutierrez