Hello everyone and welcome back to Lets Talk, Cas!

I have a big wardrobe, its one of those ones that you put up yourself and once it’s up, it’s probably never going to come back down…. Until the day it tries to kill you.

So, I’m on sleeping pills at the moment, when on these pills the only thing that can wake me up is my brain saying one of three things:

  1. You seriously need to pee and I may have left it till the last minute to tell you so try not pee the bed.
  2. I think there’s something in the house and it’s touching your face.
  3. Who The Fuck Makes School This Early?!

Well, that all changed, I found out that when a Wardrobe is attempting to kill me by falling forward, and all its weight, content and a suitcase on top of said Wardrobe, I was left crushed for a minute before Jordan realized that the big bang of death was crushing me. He took everything off me just in time for me to start breathing again….

So, last night was not the biggest time of my life… getting almost killed by a Wardrobe was slightly amusing. Funny how I was attacked by something with the word War within it.


Have a nice day everyone,

take care.


Castiel Gutierrez ♥