Hello Everyone! I hope you’re all having an amazing Saturday!

Yes – this is a tad strange for me to post on a Saturday since the descheduling of the much loved Lets Rant!

So, here is what is currently happening:

Lets Talk, Cas!

These articles will begin on Monday. I won’t be writing much on Monday because you will also be getting Butterfly Pride. However, I will be confessing my resolutions and plans for the year.

Butterfly Pride

Butterfly Pride, as I have said, will be coming out on Monday at 12pm [GMT]. We are, also, currently looking for new writers! If you’re interested feel free to email us at lllranting@gmail.com and someone will email you back with an application form.

Quick Fix

Quick Fix will be returning to LLLRanting on Friday! Less than a week is left before you get your weekly magazine back! Don’t worry, it will be as full as ever!

And that is, round about, all the updates I have for you! Like I said, if any of you are interested in writing, and you want a platform with us – whether it be blogging or journalism – feel free to email us at lllranting@gmail.com

Have a nice day everyone and a great weekend,


Castiel Gutierrez ♥