Hello Everyone,
Cassy here!
It’s finally Christmas day, Jordan is here and it’s amazing!

So, because I haven’t given you all the run down of my birthday, I have decided to share our Christmas with you!

This year has been pretty rough for me, for those who know, and this Christmas has just given me a little bit of faith back in humanity.
Jordan has received a hell of a lot of warm clothing for while he’s here, 2 onesies being in the mix, and he’s pretty happy with what he’s got; after all, I did buy him a new laptop… He can’t not be happy XD
Me, well, I’ve been given enough yummy body wash and softness to last me the entire year. One gift was a gingerbread body wash that actually smells like ginger, which sort of makes me want gingerbread…..
We got a drinking game gift which is perfect due to now being legal to drink! Yes, I am now 18 and it feels old…. I’m just happy I don’t have to hide when going for alcohol now :’) not like I drink much anyhow!

So, it’s pretty amazing. This is probably the first year that I’ve been given stuff that I both like, want and aren’t allergic to anything!

But, Christmas isn’t all about the gifts. This year is especially important because I’ve gotten all the family I need. I have my parents who are being weirdly supportive, my soul mate and later we will be going to our sister-in-laws (My brother’s partner) parents’ house for Christmas dinner! It’s going to be great

For those who haven’t got your parents or siblings round for Christmas, I hope you have someone at least. And if you’re alone this Christmas, we send our love to you.

Until next time, have a Happy Holiday!

Castiel and Jordan