Hello everyone and welcome back to Lets Talk, Cas!

WARNING:  Controversial Topic Ahead.

People say that women are superior… some say the superior sex is men….

Do you want to know what I think? Neither.

Neither are superior because one sex can be more powerful in some aspects of life than others will be.

People assume that rape is done by men to women. This is wrong, it is possible and does happen for men to be raped by women. It also happens that some men will rape other men or young boys.

It annoys me that I have to point this out, because rape is something I hate talking about, whether I let my emotions get involved or not.

Rape is not just a man having sex with an unwilling woman.

Another thing that has been seen as against women, is Domestic Violence….

I’ve been through it, seen it and it is NOT just when women get beaten.

When men are beaten in a violent relationship it isn’t taken seriously by many! Whether it be the media or the police.

Even the public see Domestic Violence against Men by Women funny….

So, as you can see, Men aren’t equal to Women.

Just like Women aren’t equal to Men.

Women are more likely to be harassed in bars, night clubs and on the streets at night – why? Because they’re ‘asking for it’.

Let me tell you something, NO ONE asks to get raped.

Rape has been around a lot longer than Mini Skirt.

Women also need to pay tax for a specific 1 use device that can cause cancer or death while Men can shave their body from head to toe without having to pay for tax….

Tampons, I’m talking about Tampons.

But hey! Who cares? Jaffa Cakes are tax free at least….

So, what made me talk about this?

Maybe because one male, with a big following of men, said “I know how to stop rape… make rape legal on private premise…”

This doesn’t just mean that marital rape would be legal, it also means that raping someone your University roommate would be legal… and raping your friend… and your raping your partner…

Who the fuck gave this silly human being a voice….

Another thing that amused me was an ‘anti-femnisist’ who basically said that feminists on the internet poke people with a stick to get a reaction, similar to what Trolls do…

And, I must admit, some do! One feminist, who is also an extremist, commented on how video games are sexist. One game in particular that she attacked was Dying Light.

Let me talk about what Dying Light is. Its a parkour, zombie survival game where the main character, within around 10 minutes of playing the game, is saved… BY A WOMAN.

Jade, the girl you’re saved by, later dies and becomes a Zombie.

How is that a sexist game? I’m pretty sure, if you want to label a game sexist due to it objectifying a woman, you’d assume they’d be boycotting HuniePop?

No? So, having a game where you exploit women, have sex with them and the only way to finish the game is to ‘bang’ all the girls, give the girls panties to a fairy so you can try and ‘bang’ a goddess….

So, as some of you will probably gather, No One is Equal.

And on that note, I’m done.

I hope this opened your eyes to the inequality between men and women. Although the sexes are equal in some aspects now, there are flaws within the system.


I hope you all have a nice day and keep thinking!

Take care everyone,


Castiel ❤