Hello everyone and welcome back to Lets Talk, Cas!

Some of you will know that I have begun writing again! Yes, I have inspiration!
So, here is my most popular book – I am currently uploading THREE chapters a WEEK! Which is a lot for me…

Click the Cover to be redirected to the book! (New upload every week, starting 4th December 2015)
Click the Cover to be redirected to the book!
(Uploaded/Updated 3 times a week!)

And here is my newest creation – Mr. Valentine! It’s about an escort, a sexy billionaire and all the strange happenings inbetween! This will be uploaded when ever I finish and have edited a chapter, I won’t put a time or anything on it as – so far – its not been to popular! However, if it gets more popular I will schedule it 🙂 So, here it is:

Click the cover to be redirected to this book!


Now, Quick Fix updates, after this week Quick Fix will end for the year! Yes, issue #32 will be the last one until the new year. This is to give our writers, workers, Wiktoria and myself a break over the holidays!

However, I have a Christmas and New Years surprise for you all. So, stay tuned for that!


And that’s all the Christmas updates this year! No Quick Fix for two weeks, lots of my story writing and a wonderful Christmas and New Years surprise!

So, take care!

Have a great day and I’ll see you all tomorrow.


Castiel ♥