Talking, indeed, doesn’t always work. Especially with someone you either don’t know or someone who can’t comfort you.
That’s why we’re here. You learn us, you contact us for help, we help you ❤

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talking doesn't always work

Sometimes talking does not work if you are trying to correct someone – worse case scenario is that they actually understand you, but they will pay no attention.  Your only hope is to think before speaking.

Kramer notes that when you are coaching or counseling, you need to be operating from a higher level of thinking than the person you are talking to. “What comes out of your mouth is much less significant than the level of mental functioning from which the words are spoken.” We need to interact with people from a state of mind “brimming with love, compassion, and selflessness….External how-to resources are not all that necessary; love will offer all the direction you seek.”

Every teenager’s favorite argument is called tu quoque (two wrongs make a right ):  Latin for “you, too!” or “look who’s talking!”

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