Hello everyone and welcome back to Lets Talk, Cas!

We all get tested regularly at college and high school, right?

If you don’t you’re extremely lucky because today I am sitting an exam for Media Studies – it’s a Mock Exam, for those who don’t know what one is, it is a tester exam that tests you on the topics and is used to see how you’re working and how well you revised.

So, what do I think I’ll come out with? Nothing over a C, at most!

Why? Because I’ve been ill, as you all know.

If I do incredibly bad, I may ask my teacher if I can re-sit it during my free time at some point as not being able to sleep and an exam and illness is probably not the best mix while suffering with Anxiety and trying to revise.


So, what do I need to write about?


  • Propp’s Theory – this is the theory that there are 7/8 types of characters that are in every film, book, show and comic.
    • Helper
    • Hero
    • False-Hero
    • Princess
    • Villain
    • The Princess’ Father
    • The Dispatcher
    • The Donor
  • Stuart Hall – Reception Theory
    • Negotiated Response – They may agree with aspects but not all of the content
    • Oppositional Response – The viewer will not agree with anything.
    • Preferred Response – They will agree with the text completely
  • Levi Strauss – Binary Opposites
    • Good Vs Evil
    • Dark Vs Light
    • Love Vs Hate
  • Blumler and Katz – Uses and Gratifications
    • Personal Identity – they will want to be like a character/actor
    • Educational – a text that informs
    • Social Interaction – gives the viewer something to talk about with friends
    • Escapism – Fantasy, makes the viewer want to escape reality
    • Entertainment – to entertain an audience (Comedy)

And I think thats all I’ll be using…


Wish me luck!

Talk soon,

Castiel Gutierrez ❤