Hello Everyone and welcome back to Lets Talk, Cas!

All of us, who are in High School and College, know how to write….

Well, we should know how to write anyway….

But apparently some people are having trouble paragraphing and using the correct punctuation.

Here are some tips from me:

  1. Separate writing through speech or a change of topic. Here is an example:

Sitting next to Mickey in the front of the car, and Jason sat behind me poking my neck, I giggle. The smell of pine trees and dirt filling my lungs, it was so peaceful in the forest. But the peacefulness of the forest became broken as Mickey yells out, “Shit!” And then car swerves and flips into the ditch, the peaceful sounds disappearing into the void as everything goes black.

“Miss? Miss, can you hear me?” I hear a woman ask. I feel sleepy, my head hurts and every limb hurts like hell. My eyes flutter open. There’s a young woman, in a nurse’s uniform. “How are you? Can you speak? Can you hear me?” She asks, I nod. I didn’t want to speak, I didn’t feel like it. But I was going to have to, I knew that much.

“Where am I?” I ask the woman. It was obvious that I was in a hospital, but which one. In the area I was in there was at least three. After all, I am in Edinburgh.

“You’re at the Royal Victoria Hospital,” she pauses. “Do you remember what happened?” She asks, fear in her eyes.

“No, where’s my boyfriend? Where’s my Uncle?” I ask. I don’t know if I have family but I’ve always looked upon Mickey as an Uncle figure.

[This extract if from the first chapter of My Mate – if you want to read more, go to: https://www.wattpad.com/story/8410720-my-mate-girlxgirl]

2. Remember that you only need an apostrophe in it’s if you’re meaning – It Is.

3. Remember the difference between Where, Wear and Were… and also We’re. But also remember that They’re, There, There’re and Their are also different!

I hope this helped!


Have a nice day everyone!


Castiel Gutierrez