Hello Everyone and welcome to Lets Talk, Cas!

Today, I want to talk about an event which happened to me yesterday…

I fell asleep at college. This happened for several reasons:

  1. I had only slept for 6 hours over the entire weekend.
  2. My pills make me want to sleep.
  3. I passed out and had no control over it.

So, I fell asleep, and woke up extremely late for my third class… Yeah, I slept through my second class, third class and 45 minutes, out of 90 minutes, of my last class…

As you can imagine, I was not amused and I ended up having a panic attack.

Now, although I missed half of the class, I didn’t get in trouble with my teachers, why? Because they know that sleep is important! For the first time ever, I have found teachers that understand that when you’re ill, you’re ill and if you come into college when ill, you’re clearly committed.

So, here is why sleep is important:

  1. Sleep keeps you awake and focused throughout the day – if you sleep at night, you’ll be able to work and play as much as you want through the day.
  2. When you’re asleep, your brain rewires some of your memory and thoughts in order to make specific things more important than others – they basically organise your memories, sort of like how it is shown in Inside Out.
  3. If you have over 8 hours of sleep, you are more likely to have a great day! I’ve noticed this because the more I sleep, the less annoying my depression is!

And thats why sleep is important!


Apparently, if you sleep for longer than 10 hours, there is a higher chance of death… I disagree. If depressed and suicidal people, similar to myself, sleep for longer (if insomnia wasn’t being an ass) then the suicide rate would drop a little, at least, meaning they live longer.


But… Everything is just theory these days, there is no extensive scientific research on anything really…



I hope you all have a great day everyone!

Take care,


Castiel Gutierrez ❤


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