Hello Everyone and a very Merry December to you!

We understand that some people don’t celebrate Christmas, to those, we are sorry but we made this issue all about Christmas and Love and Family – Probably because that is what we are about as an organisation and it is our 24th issue, meaning Butterfly Pride (Live Love Laugh) is two years old in January and we, Live Love Laugh Ranting (lllranting), are 3 years old in January!

I don’t know whether its just me or not but I feel like this is a huge achievement for us. We’ve worked hard and produced as much content for you as we could and can.

This time last year I kept asking myself – What if we could make a weekly magazine? – Now I’m asking what if we could reach more people and help more people and get more back.

The more comments, likes and follows we get, the more we work to make you happy. Your interaction pushes us to better ourselves.

We may be the ones doing a job, but you’re the ones getting us to do it.

Thank you for all the Love and Support! We hope we can and do give it back to you with every blog, article and magazine.

So, without further-a-do here is this month’s issue, enjoy!

Click the Cover for this month's issue~
Click the Cover for this month’s issue~

URL: https://lllranting.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/december-2015-issue-24.pdf

We hope you enjoyed,

Take care over this cold and amazing holiday!

Remember to eat some food for me 😉


Castiel Gutierrez

Wiktoria Mampe

Adam Sewell

Jodie Barber

Bryony Amber Lewis

Dalton Ewen

Shari Jones

Richa Resa