Hello everyone and welcome back to Lets Talk, Cas!
I’m in my final year of college, I have studied a wide range of classes, from Media studies to Film studies, Photography to ICT.
So, as most of you will be doing, if you’re in year 13, you’ll be doing your UCAS application, which is how you apply for University. Well, I have done and handed mine in, no offers have come through as of yet, simply because its only been a week. However, I received a letter from Leeds College of Art, one of my two choices (there are only two places I find attractive), asking me to do some work – a photography project on Identity, specificly Gender Identity for myself. I am happy to be able to do such… However, they’ve only given me until December 15th… less than 2 weeks and as you can imagine, I have no model and finding a model on such short notice is ridiculous…
But, I’m going to do it anyways, why? Because I want to go to the College!
So, yes, I’m going to be busy over the next two weeks, but we’ll get there eventually. I may just have to model myself….

Depending on how the images come out, I may show you! But I may not, so don’t expect much.

Anyways, Lets Talk, Cas! will be ending on December 18th! I will do updates after that but not much else other than Quick Fix and Butterfly Pride!

I hope you’re all having a great day,
Take care,
Castiel ♡