Hello everyone and welcome back to Lets Talk, Cas!

So, I have changed my timetable for writing, yes, this is another article about writing!
But, this one is for a reason.
I am currently looking through some of my old books, and based on their descriptions, I was wondering which one you’d like me to continue writing and publish on Wattpad?

Here are the descriptions:


  • Description A: A love story between a gay male and his pansexual/bisexual ‘step brother’. However, they’re technically not even step brothers due to the gay being adopted by his God Mother after his parents past.
  • Description B: A super brainy girl, who is actually an artificial intelligence (her parents didn’t tell her), the story is based around the Chobits Anime and how a computer could act like a human.
  • Description C: A young couple go to explore an area that has apparently been haunted for years, only to find that the folklore was true. The protagonist then needs to be saved by a Jack Harkness type figure (this is a short story but may lead to a series of supernatural/paranormal stories).
  • Description D: A young girl, whose parents went missing 2 years ago, on her 16th birthday, is put into a supernatural school (without her knowing) in order to protect her from what took her parents.


So, what do you think? Which would you like to read? Vote below!


Thanks for reading,


Castiel ❤