Hello everyone and welcome back to Lets Talk, Cas!

I have good news and bad news, as you can read from the title.

The good news, Bryony Amber Lewis, one of our many writers, is turning 18 today! Make sure to give her a big happy birthday!

The bad news, I will not be posting my books on LLLRanting until they are complete. In less than a week since upload My Mate has already been stolen. How the woman did it is through a fault of someone within the organization – this is due to our PDF being uncopyable – we looked through our email (lllranting@gmail.com) which is usually governed by me. However,  while I was ill, someone sent this female My Mate, in a Word Dox format, meaning she could edit and copy as she liked.

The only reason I found out about it was due to another reader telling me to check her tumblr. I found that the woman was a ‘fan’ and was ‘trying to promote your (my) work”.

So, until the book is complete, there will be no downloadable copies.
The chapters will be uploaded on Wattpad.

I appreciate follows, reblogs and such, I love having interact with you all. But what I do not want, ever again, is for my work to be stolen. Share it by all means, but do not take my work and call it your own.

If this happens again I will be forced to take my work down from Wattpad in order to keep it safe.

So, all my work will be on Wattpad until completion. I hope everyone is okay with this.

Take care everyone,
Castiel ♡