Hello everyone and Welcome to Lets Talk, Cas!
Over the weekend I have been rather ill and I’m still ill, and have been for over a year now… but this weekend it got a lot worse, forcing me to sleep more and watch TV instead of playing video games.
So, I watched Doctor Who as it was on TV, instead of how I usually watch it on Sundays on BBC iPlayer… But, this weekend I watched it live… and I cried a shit ton.

Why? Because my favourite Doctor Who character died, Clara Oswald, was killed by The Fade.
The Fade takes the form of a raven, it leaves a quantum lock on the back of a person’s neck, counting down minutes until The Fade will take their life.
Clara took the quatum lock off Rigsby in order to keep Rigsby safe for his daughter.

Clara gave a reason to why she’d been so reckless in the previous episodes leading up to this devastation, the reason being “maybe it’s what I wanted?”

She later said, before her death, “if Danny Pink can do it,  I can,” this basically suggested that she was being reckless in order to see/be with Danny again… and for me, it hit home due to an incident similar that happened to my friends years ago.

So, as you can imagine, her death hit me quite hard.

However,  I must comment on the fact that parents have accused the show of Clara ‘s death being too ‘gruesome’. This is because, apparently, the show is for young children… Which we all know is NOT true. The show is targeted at 12 year olds and over. Meaning if your child is under the age, and you’re accusing the show of being ‘gruesome’ or ‘too scary’ for your child, then you’re not allowed to accuse the show of being wrong. The show is made for 12 year olds and everyone over,  that means that if you permit your 6 year old child to watch the show, it is both your fault and your problem as the age rating stands, which is why it is shown after 7pm a lot of occasions.

A similar argument is made, almost everyday, about Video games and Movies.
“Grand Theft Auto 5 is too violent for my child.” How old is your ‘child’?
“My son is 10.”

Now, what is the rating for GTA5? Mature – that means it is for people (ADULTS) of 18 and over, not your stupid 10 year old.

Things are rated a specific age for a specific reason, whether it is for violence or cursing or sex.

So, that is my view on the silly comments made by parents, my view on the amazing but also devastating departure of the amazing Clara Oswald.

I hope you all have a great day,
Time for me to go back to sleep 🙂

Take care everyone,
Castiel ♡