Hello everyone and welcome back to Lets Talk, Cas!
So, as you’ll all know I am leaving Wattpad. I’m not deleting my work off of there, but there will be no more new parts/chapters or story going on there as they will be posted on here for you lovely people.
I’ve been asked why, and here are the reasons:

1. I’m fed up of attempting to battle with Wattpad Ambassadors for views, follows and awards – there is a higher chance of a Wattpad Ambassador to win the Watty Awards than there is the average user.
2. I’m annoyed about how two faced the Ambassadors are – around 4 month ago I was approved to advertise position for LLLRanting, a Non-Profit organization designed to help writers, mental illness sufferers and the LGBT community. Last week, one Ambassador shut down my thread for it being Commercial (Commercial meaning money to be made, money to be spent). When I said I’d been approved previously, the one who had approved me refused to know anything about it, even though I can see his message on my thread still as evidence.
3. I’m pissed off that no matter how many times you tell a passerby reader that you’re ill, unable to write or busy – they pester you with b itchy comments about how I should upload because I “can’t be that busy”. Do you wanna test me? My list of jobs and things to do on a daily basis is longer than a roll of toilet paper! So, I’ll happily wipe your shitty comments from my profile.

I loved Wattpad for 3 years, it’s only gone down hill in the past year for me, but I have heard stories, similar to the harassment I’ve faced, that just makes me despise Wattpad. I love my readers, the loyal ones, those who enjoy reading and don’t mind waiting, but I can’t do it anymore…. I need to step back and do the work I must, I am having to now mix my work with my hobby, by adding my books to LLLRanting, but I think it will be okay.

To those who have read my books, read my work and, overall, waited for me to get back to writing – thank you.

It means a lot.

For those who are interested in reading my best book, according to the shit ton of people who have read it, it will be uploaded tomorrow night at 6PM [GMT] with TWO new chapters and some changes in most of the chapters including extra details and more – so, if you’ve read it before, go back and read it again when it’s uploaded!

I hope you all have a great day,
Castiel ♡


[Tomorrow: Quick Fix will be released at 12pm GMT, My Mate will be released at 6pm GMT.]


What cover do you think My Mate should have? Pick one from the gallery below:

Sunrise Cover
Bedtime Cover
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Let the World Burn










Seaside Cover
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