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Over the past week a lot has happened. Lebanon had Terrorist Attacks, along with Syria and finally, the one everyone cares about – France.
I feel sorry for the one who stopped the bombers, the ones who lost their lives protecting people and dying without knowing what they’d done or whether or not they had saved anyone. Although the attacks were done by a small group of Muslims, there were Muslims killed too, they protected the innocents or were killed as such, this clearly proving that they’re not all the same.
However, the attacks were Man Made – they were done by people to kill people and that’s the difference that everyone needs to recognise.
Japan and Mexico both had earthquakes recently. These aren’t Man Made, they’re natural disasters, they couldn’t be stopped and the aftermath  can’t be stopped either…
So, before you pray for those in the attacks,  remember Japan and Mexico – the attacks could have been prevented, these natural disasters could not.

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