Hello everyone and welcome back to Lets Talk, Cas!
So, most of you reading have probably, at some point in life, experienced being bullied or harassed. For me, it has been happening for the past 12 years, through primary, high school, in college and while I was working.
Most of it was about my appearance due to myself not having the attractive nature that the bullies apparently had.
But I am going to say this – for the female bullies: no matter how many times they flick their hair, give a guy a blowjob or admit to taking drugs or drinking alcohol, they’re not cool. They’re arseholes who deliberately put you down, to make your self – esteem fall to shit in order to make themselves look and appear better.
And to the guys, they’re most likely doing it because they’re trying to impress their male friends or they’re attempting to impress a girl they like.

So, what have we learnt today? You are no less than them, you’re not ugly, you’re not useless. If anyone is, it’s those who believe they are superior to you due to their looks or wealth.

I hope this has helped some of you. And I just want to say this, not all bullies are sad inside, not all bullies are from schools or in the work place, just because someone isn’t being bullied, it doesn’t mean they’re not being bullied at home.

Have a great day everyone,
Castiel ♡

{Tomorrow I will be talking about the horrible attacks that happened around the world last week, not all of them were man made, some were natural disasters}