Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Lets Talk, Cas!

Today I would like to talk about the changes that will be happening on LLLRanting.

  1. I, Castiel, will no longer be publishing on WattPad – this is because their systems are horrific, their treatment to their authors are terrible and I have had enough of trying to compete to get into the top hundreds on specific categories with my work while the ‘WattPad Ambassadors’ are getting to the top and winning the Watty Awards.
  2. My work, which is currently on WattPad, is going through editing and expansion. This means I will edit and write more on certain parts and then upload it as a Downloadable PDF, on LLLRanting for you! This will make it easier to read for everyone, including people who don’t have a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Quick Fix will be continuing and we are still accepting application forms. If you wish to apply, please go to our ‘Get Involved’ page.

So, what books will be put up?

Well, My Mate will be put up – this isn’t a complete book, it is only on Chapter 20! However, I will continue to upload it and put the new version up every time I write more.

This will go for all books that I will be uploading but haven’t yet complete. My completed books, such as Forever Forbidden and Dream World, will also be uploaded.

I hope this excites some of you as much as it has me, this could change a lot.

Thank you all for the support and kind words over the past weeks, it’s been great!

Have a great day,


Castiel Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX

{In tomorrows article I will be talking about how annoying people are – not just all people, but the people who think they’re better than others – yeah, I’m going to talk about the Bullies.}